Become a volunteer earthquake correspondent in your country / area

l'Aquila, Italy earthquake damage - Image courtesy

Earthquake-Report is one of the few specialized earthquake sites in the world.
Since our start in August 2010, we covered earthquakes from every corner of the world.
Our reporting is based on scientific sources, public services, media, etc.
As soon as a strong earthquake strikes, people from all over the world turn to Earthquake-Report  to look for more details, in-depth articles, etc.

You might be able to help us to be even more informative.
Scientific data does not always express how people feel the earthquake. This depends on soil composition, direction of the plate movements, building methods, etc.
Our articles will be even more convincing and accurate when we can report  experiences  out of the greater epicenter area.
As earthquake-report is a non-profit organization, we have not the means to realize this all alone.
We can however succeed to reach our goals and inform the world even better, if you are ready to help us if needed.

We will only need your assistance after strong earthquakes in your country.
Your reports will improve our earthquake reporting, enabling people from all over the world to be well informed.
When needed (hopefully not too soon), we will contact you and will give you a few simple instructions and eventually calls to make.
A couple of easy questions will create a written image which can be shared with our earthquake-report readers. The task is fairly simple but your cooperation is vital to make our reporting a lot better.

If you feel being able to help Earthquake-Report in your area, please send us your name, city and E-mail address  in the form below.
Your support is extremely important to us !

If you live in an earthquake prone country, do not hesitate to become a volunteer.

Send us your application and become a member of our growing volunteer family
Informing the world the best possible way on earthquakes.