Massive earthquake near the Chile Bio-Bio coast.

This article describes in-depth the mainshock and the most important aftershocks of the February 11 2011 earthquake.  For an overview of all the aftershocks since the mainshock, please click here
When you just arrive on this in-depth report, it might be best to start reading at the bottom of the page. It will give an overview of all facts as they became available.

UPDATE 5:56 PM UTC : Since the aftershock  of 7:21 (see update 11:38 AM) 4 aftershocks have been noticed : 3.9, 4.0, 3.7 and 3.9 (source Universidad de Chile)

UPDATE 11:38 AM UTC : The aftershock  of 7:21 hereunder has been reported by Universidad de Chile as Mi 5.1 at 19.6 km

UPDATE 10:49 AM UTC : Onemi Chile puts the tremor 2 minutes later, calls it "Menor intensidad" and reports a max. MMI of III

UPDATE 10:47 AM UTC : Aftershock Maule M 5.0 at a depth of  10 km following USGS

UPDATE 5:23 AM UTC : Even without damage or Injuries, Earthquake-Report will continue to follow up the ongoing events and will bring them to you asap.

UPDATE 5:20 AM UTC : A weaker shock has been perceived a couple of minutes ago in the Valparaiso and Metropolitana areas.

UPDATE 5:18 AM UTC : This article gets really far too long. We always think that this will be the last powerful shock, but again and again very strong shocks are continuing.

UPDATE 5:09 AM UTC : Although NO damage or injured people have been reported in Chile, the "terror" of the many often very strong aftershocks makes the people very scary. After a shock occurs people are immediately trying to get the Onemi alerts and when they live close to the beach, also  have to find out whether there would be tsunami chance or not. Onemi gives this information very fast, but a lot of people do not trust it and are doing at "self-evacuation", meaning alert or not, they go to higher grounds.
We could not repeat it enough. "Chile agencies and the Chile people are among the best earthquake prepared people in the world".

UPDATE 4:56 AM UTC : Local Chile ONEMI values for the 00:41 (local time) aftershock:
V (moderate shaking)  : Cauquenes, Parral, Retiro, Longaví,
IV (light shaking) : Constitución, Chanco, Romeral, San Pedro de la Paz

UPDATE 4:53 AM UTC : Beatriz Gonzalez living in Chillan just reported to that she felt 2 very strong shocks together with a lot of rumbling noise and the shocks are still continuing. Following Onemi Chile Chillan suffered a IV MMI shaking

UPDATE 4:49 AM UTC : Universidad de Chile is reporting a value of 6.2 at a depth of 31 km

NO widespread tsunami danger in the Pacific Ocean (following NOAA)
GDACS  published a GREEN tsunami alert = no danger
SHOA (Chile) told people that the conditions are not met to generate a Tsunami

UPDATE 14/02 - 4:26 AM UTC :
M 6.6      2011/02/14 03:40     Depth 25.4 km     OFFSHORE MAULE, CHILE
(USGS Data)
12:40:10 AM at epicenter
Very powerful aftershock in Maule, Chile close to the shoreline and close to Constitucion
70 km (45 miles) NNW of Cauquenes, Maule, Chile
95 km (60 miles) W of Talca, Maule, Chile satellite map + I Did Feel It form
Alternative satellite map

UPDATE 7:15 PM UTC : The director of the Seismology Department of the University of Chile, Santiago also said that for scientists all seismologic activity is an earthquake.
We have witnessed in  various media and social platforms a crazy discussion among Chileans whether a certain shaking is a "temblor" (tremor) or a  "terremoto" (earthquake) 🙂 .
Hopefully this definition of the director will stop this discussion.
From now on there are only "terremotos" (earthquakes) and "Replicas" (aftershocks). However, i am sure the discussion will continue for many years 🙂

UPDATE 6:55 PM UTC : The director of the Seismology Department of the University of Chile, Santiago has confirmed that after research they are now certain the the M 6.9 earthquake from last Friday was an aftershock and NOT a new earthquake.
He also said that the February 27 2010 M 8.8 earthquake zone has not yet reached his stability and that it will take even a couple of years to reach it.
The University of Chile gets the support of a lot of international scientists to analyze the February 27 earthquake data.

UPDATE 2:06 PM UTC : New strong Mi 5.1 aftershock (Departamento de Geofísica de la Universidad de Chile) .
The aftershock occurred at 10:45 AM Local time
ONEMI MMI values are:
VI (strong shaking) : Concepción, Chiguayante, Talcahuano
V (moderate shaking)  : Arauco, Coronel,
IV (light shaking) : Colbún, Cobquecura, Los Álamos, Quirihue
USGS did report a Mw 5.6 at a depth of 17 km.
As there so many different values circulating, we tend to give priority the the measurements of the  Universidad de Chile, as they are not only experienced but do also own a lot of the seismograph equipments closest to the epicenter. ONEMI MMI values (Chile Emergency Services directly linked to the Department of Local Affairs) are also based upon the data from the Universidad de Chile.
We will be bringing to you also the data from different other important players in the field for very important aftershocks.

UPDATE 11:46 AM UTC : Local Chile ONEMI revised reports for the 7:35 aftershock:
VI (strong shaking) : Concepción, Coronel, Penco, Chiguayante, Talcahuano
V (moderate shaking)  : Cauquenes, Chillán, San Pedro de la Paz, Tomé, Contulmo, Hualpén, Tomé, Lebu,
IV (light shaking) : Cabrero, Cobquecura, Coelemu, Laja, San Rosendo, Pinto, Chanco, Parral, Angol, Purén, Renaico, Los Sauces

UPDATE 11:29 AM UTC : Testimony coming out of our website
A lot of strong tremors coming through in the late part of the night, and now the early morning. The feeling of these are different form the ones we have been feeling the last two days because they seem to be coming in waves, you feel something a little, then a little stronger, a little stronger, the lighter, and its over. Before it was more a few seconds of rocking thats all.

UPDATE 11:24 AM UTC : Following the local seismological department from the university of Chile, Santiago the tremor had an intensity of 5.5 at a depth of 32 km. Totally different values than USGS for the same earthquake.
We will have to wait a little longer before testimonies come in from local people

UPDATE 11:17 AM UTC : Local Chile ONEMI reports maximum V MMI Values :
V (moderate shaking)  : Chillán
IV (light shaking) : Concepción, Lebu, Laja, Los Ángeles, Penco, San Rosendo

UPDATE 11:12 AM UTC : USGS Pager values for the area and for this M 6.0 aftershock :
VIII MMI (severe shaking) : 777 people
VII (very strong shaking) : 324,000 people
VI (strong shaking) : 499,000 people
V (moderate shaking) : 787,000 people

USGS predicts MMI values up to VIII (severe shaking)
07:35:06 AM at epicenter
GDACS published a GREEN earthquake alert for this earthquake = very limited chance on damage and/or injuries. satellite map + I Did Feel It form
Alternative satellite map

UPDATE 10:56 AM UTC : USGS reports magnitude 6.0 aftershock

UPDATE 10:54 AM UTC : New very strong aftershock in the Bio-Bio area (Approx. 5.8)

UPDATE 9:40 AM UTC : Although NO damage is expected, the tremor was felt very sharp in the higher residential buildings. So far NO disruption of power, water, infrastructure etc has been reported.

UPDATE 9:36 AM UTC : Following the local seismological department from the university of Chile, Santiago the tremor had an intensity of 5.6 at a depth of 21.2 km.

UPDATE 9:30 AM UTC : ONEMI Chile (Emergency service) reports the following expected MMI values :
V (moderate shaking)  : Concepción, Tomé, Penco, Lebu, Talcahuano, Arauco, Yumbel, Cobquecura, Quirihue,
IV (light shaking) : Nacimiento, Negrete, Cabrero, Laja, San Rosendo, Bulnes, Chillán Viejo, Santa Bárbara, Coelemu, Mulchén, Tirúa, San Carlos, Chillán, Temuco, Padre las Casas, Los Sauces, Renaico, Angol

UPDATE 13/02 - 9:18 AM UTC : A very strong aftershock struck the Conception area during the Chile night.
Based on our previous findings and area vulnerability, NO damage or injuries are expected.
Based on USGS calculations a MMI VI might have been experienced by 32,000 people (strong shaking)
A MMI V might have been experienced by 1,012,000 people (moderate shaking)
Sunday, February 13, 2011 at 05:51:34 AM at epicenter
GDACS published a GREEN earthquake alert for this earthquake = very limited chance on damage and/or injuries. satellite map + I Did Feel It form
Alternative satellite map

FINAL UPDATE 13/02 - 1:42 AM : NO damage, NO injuries : once again : congratulations to Chile earthquake preparedness from

UPDATE - 1:42 PM UTC : Live is getting back to normal as Chileans in the greater earthquake area are starting to discuss 98% non-earthquake subjects in the different social networks.

UPDATE - 11:24 AM UTC : Although Chile is an example in earthquake preparedness, this does not mean that the country has no problems anymore.
February 27 will be the anniversary of the massive 8.8 earthquake from last year. In an article in Diario El Sur, Chile, activist are ready to protest that the government did not meet its promises and that a lot of houses have still to be constructed. Click here to read the article (spanish)

UPDATE - 10:13 AM UTC : This is a very good video example how NOT to act when an earthquake strikes.
The children in this video are running oout of the building when the shaking starts. Depending on the movement of the surface they will not be able to step normally and have a great risk of falling. Additionally the chance of being hit by many objects is much more bigger when running away than when seeking immediate shelter in the house.
These guidelines are published by all major preparedness earthquake agencies worldwide, including USGS.
The key sentence remains : DROP, COVER and HOLD

UPDATE - 09:24 AM UTC : The people living in the greater Bio-Bio area have been shaken over and over again until now and left their houses and flats often in panic. Although the shocks did not create any damage so far, people still live with the memory of the February 27 2010 M 8.8 earthquake who did kill several hundreds of people.
Aftershocks of + M 6 are maybe called aftershocks, but are strong earthquakes in reality.

UPDATE - 08:45 AM UTC : Our QuakeSOS iPhone application (see below) enabling people to send I AM SAFE or HELP ME  messages to friends and family members was very busy until deep in the Chile night.

UPDATE - 08:41 AM UTC : Until now at least 34 weak, moderate and strong aftershocks have been hammering the area. Click here to see the full list in our separate article.

UPDATE - 12:44 AM UTC : Until now (several hours after the mainshock), we have seen NO reports of any serious damage or injuries. Apart from congested  Mobile networks, some power outages in parts of Conception and some other locations (power has not yet been reestablished everywhere) and the earlier than normal closure from office buildings and shopping malls, life returns steadily to normal.

UPDATE - 12:29 AM UTC : Chile seismologists have recalculated the mainshock to a 6.9 @ a depth of 14.8 km.

UPDATE - 12:25 AM UTC : GDACS population estimates for the latest powerful 6.3 earthquake :
107 people are living within a radius of 5 km around the epicenter
3,129 people are living within a radius of 10 km around the epicenter
22,332 people are living within a radius of 20 km around the epicenter
218,601 people are living within a radius of 50 km around the epicenter
1,296,302 people are living within a radius of 100 km around the epicenter

UPDATE - 12:17 AM UTC : ONEMI reported MMI values : Concepción, Talcahuano, Arauco, Yumbel, Hualqui: V MMI.  These MMI values are based upon the M 5.3 reported by Universidad de Chile
USGS predicts a VI to VII on the coastline near the epicenter.
Bio Bio gets the full load of aftershocks for a couple of hours.

UPDATE - 12:08 AM UTC : GDACS just published a GREEN earthquake alert for this earthquake = very limited chance on damage and/or injuries

UPDATE 12/02 - 12:07 AM UTC : A very powerful aftershock measuring 6.3 at a depth of 16.5 km has just been reported by USGS

UPDATE 11:32 PM UTC : A Chillan church "Iglesia Las Carmelitas" has an upper wall which is bending dangerously towards the street.  Click here to see the picture

UPDATE 11:14 PM UTC : The first videos showing the shaking are coming in.
A live interview on Spanish CNN Chile with an ONEMI spokesperson40 minutes after the earthquake. Very good information !

UPDATE 11:08 PM UTC : President Piñera is stating that the ONEMI emergency system did operate very adequate. agrees with the President. A lot of lessons can be learned by other countries from Chile.

UPDATE 11:01 PM UTC : A lot of traffic jams in different areas with jams on Gas Stations ! Everybody seems to want gas as soon as possible.

UPDATE 10:57 PM UTC : Chile president Piñera went immediately to the ONEMI rescue services when the earthquake did strike.

UPDATE 10:56 PM UTC : Shopping Mall El Trebol in Conception has closed his doors for the rest of the day, also on fear of aftershocks. All people did evacuate normally

UPDATE 10:52 PM UTC : In Chillan, office buildings and shopping centers have been evacuated as a preventive measure (aftershock fear)

UPDATE 10:41 PM UTC : EssBio reports that water facilities are operating normally. No damage has been recorded.

UPDATE 10:30 PM UTC : Since the mainshock on 5;05 PM,  4 aftershocks did strike the same area: 4.3,  4.6, 4.2 and 3.9 have been striking the same area (data Universidad de Chile, Santiago).
USGS did report 2 aftershocks with a different value : 4.8 and 5.3

UPDATE 9:59 PM UTC : The earthquake has been felt all over Chile and even as far as Mendoza, Argentina

UPDATE 9:53 PM UTC : In the Region of O'Higgins and  Araucania basic services were operating normally. NO self-evacuation of the coastline.

UPDATE 9:50 PM UTC : Onemi Chile : As a preventive measure shoreline areas of the Maule Region proceeded to the self-evacuation of the coast of the Region, Constitution, and Curanipe Pelluhue. Basic services include electric power, the fixed line has a 50% operational, mobile phone line congestion. Hospitals functioning normally.

UPDATE 9:48 PM UTC : Onemi Chile : As a preventive measure shoreline areas of the Bío Bío Region proceeded to the self-evacuation of the coastal villages and towns. Concepcion center sector was without power and drinking water.

UPDATE 9:38 PM UTC : Radio Bio-bio, reporting out of the epicenter area (the VI MMI area) has said that apart from communications problems - no damage so far.

UPDATE 9:35 PM UTC : We have changed our alert level from RED (very dangerous) to ORANGE (moderately dangerous) due to the decreasing of the magnitude and the first reports out of the earthquake area.

UPDATE 9:25 PM UTC : Chile has a very good reputation on earthquake-proof house building and disaster management.

UPDATE 9:23 PM UTC : According to information provided by the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA), the characteristics of the earthquake did not meet the conditions necessary to generate a tsunami off the coast of Chile.

UPDATE 9:20 PM UTC : Report from ONEMI Chile (emergency services)  : Earthquake of medium intensity between regions of Valparaiso and Los Ríos Friday, February 11, 2011. Medium-intensity earthquake was felt at 17:06 hours between regions of Valparaiso and Los Lagos.
Highest values are VI MMI for the following Maule locations : Cauquenes, Chanco, Colbún, Constitution, Curico, Stoned, Ilocos, Linares, Longford, Molina, Parral, Pelluhue, Pencahue, Rio Claro, Romeral, San Clemente, San Javier, Yerba Buena

UPDATE 9:08 PM UTC : QuakeSOS our iPhone application only received a lot of I AM SAFE messages.

UPDATE 9:05 PM UTC : There are reports that  that there power outages in the city of Concepción, which recorded the strongest tremor (Conception lies about 50 km from the epicenter).

UPDATE 9:00 PM UTC : Local Chilean Universidad de Chile reports a magnitude  of 7 at a depth of 14.8 km - Distance to Conception : 50 km

UPDATE 8:56 PM UTC : 87,000 people will endure a (luckily) limited VI MMI shaking

GDACS Chile February 11 2011 tsunami map

UPDATE 8:52 PM UTC : USGS has just decreased the intensity to M 6.8 from M 7.0 ! A big difference and a good sign !

UPDATE 8:49 PM UTC : GDACS predicts a max. tsunami wave of 1.2 meter at Dichato, Los Morros - Begos de Itata - Boca de Itata : 1.3 meter (these are the highest values, all the other locations less than 1 meter)

UPDATE 8:42 PM UTC : GDACS published an ORANGE Tsunami alert for this earthquake = moderate chance on damage and/or injuries

UPDATE 8:38 PM UTC : QuakeSOS, our iPhone application did receive only SAFE messages so far

A massive earthquake (in fact aftershock) occurred this afternoon (local time) just out of the Chile coast.

NOAA : NO widespread tsunami in the Pacific Ocean
GDACS published an ORANGE earthquake alert for this earthquake = moderate chance on damage and/or injuries
GDACS Tsunami alert :
Please read our in-depth report about this earthquake - Click here (we are working on it)
45 km (28 miles) N (360°) from Concepcion, Chile satellite map + I Did Feel It form
Alternative satellite map

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 7.0
UTC time : Friday, February 11, 2011 at 20:05:30 UTC
Local time at epicenter : Friday, February 11, 2011 at 05:05:30 PM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 18 km satellite map + I Did Feel It form
Geo-location(s) :
45 km (30 miles) N of Concepcion, Bio-Bio, Chile

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map satellite map + I Did Feel It form
Google satellite map of the area showing the kind of terrain the earthquake took place
3-dimensional view of the earthquake area (USGS epicenter location)
USGS Shaking map
USGS historic earthquakes map
USGS impact on population map
USGS Seismic hazard map
LIVE SEISMOGRAM (nearest Seismograph station - Las Campanas Chile)
GDACS ORANGE Earthquake Alert (Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System)
GDACS ORANGE Tsunami alert
NOAA Tsunami report

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