Deep (harmless) earthquake in central Colombia

Tulua, Colombia - image courtesy tulua minicipality

This is an flash update on the following recent event :

FINAL UPDATE 14:14 UTC : Local "Ingeominas" reported a magnitude of 4.6 at a depth of 65 km. Some Colombia local press did mention this earthquake in a couple of lines simply stating the data from Ingeominas.

UPDATE 08:49 UTC : Following Ingeominas , the colombian geological institute, this earthquake was felt in CALI, YUMBO, JAMUNDI, BUGA, BUENAVENTURA, TULUA, CARTAGO (VALLE DEL CAUCA), ARMENIA (QUINDIO), PIENDAMO (CAUCA)

UPDATE 08:46 UTC : Local Cali press is sleeping and has not reported yet on the tremor, but as it is 3 AM in the night this can be called normal.
Based on the Felt reports people have felt the earthquake very well in a wide and very populated area.

UPDATE 08:37 UTC : a lot of people woke up from the (light) shaking of this earthquake.

Deep earthquake (normal for this location) near the Colombian cities of Tulua and Buga.
Tulua has a population of 165,501.
Due to the depth of this earthquake, the earthquake will be felt the same way in a far bigger area.
As far we we can see  about 1 hour after the earthquake occurred, experience reports which came in from Cali have a average MMI of IV (light shaking).

Most important Earthquake Data
Magnitude : 4.8
Local time at epicenter : 02:13:44 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 109 km satellite map + I Did Feel It form
Alternative satellite map is a SOS Earthquakes website
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