Great Chile Earthquake Report Discovered

Chile February 27 2010 earthquake and tsunami

An recommended report :

Being a slow earthquake and volcano news day for once (which is a great thing!!!), I thought I would alert you all to a great resource on the Chile earthquake, a new report from the crew at Mid-America Earthquake Center has become available.
It is an excellent report detailing the socio-economic effects, damage and some other information that is not available in other reports on the earthquake.

Click here to access the report or go to

From all the Chile earthquake reports I have read, this is the best and most comprehensive on the subject.

Don't forget that if you want a comparison of Chile and Haiti, go to the CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes 2010 available here @

An introduction excerpt of this report which counts 190 pages !.
On February 27, 2010 at 03:34 am local time, a powerful earthquake of magnitude
8.8 struck central Chile. The epicenter of the earthquake was approximately 8 km off the
central region of the Chilean coast. With an inclined rupture area of more than 80,000
square km that extends onshore, the region of Maule was subjected to a direct hit, with
intense shaking of duration of at least 100 seconds, and peak horizontal and vertical
ground acceleration of over 0.6 g. According to the Ministry of Interior of Chile, the
earthquake caused the death of 521 persons, with almost half of the fatalities caused by
the consequential tsunami. Over 800,000 individuals were directly affected through
death, injury and displacement.  Link to the full report

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