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Earthquake Flash Update “ Over 7,287 households (~35,000 people) have received relief from Mamasani, Iran earthquake

This is an earthquake flash update on the following recent event :

Iran, Mamasami-Noorabad, M5.4, January 5, 2011

Construction of 15 relief camps has occurred in the Mamasani Noorabad region. Over 7287 households have received tents and other supplies. Based on an urbanity index of 0.3 through CATDAT, this corresponds to an average of 4.8 people in Iran per household. This means that around 35000 people could be without homes or in need of help.
Red Crescent Society staff have made the comments that the people of these areas have special needs because their homes have been heavily damaged.

Local Fars News and IRNA sources state that a full assessment of 176 villages in the Mamasani area has occurred, with 280 relief workers, 50 rescue personnel and 76 light, heavy vehicles and helicopters having been used. Many shocks greater than M3.0 have been recorded in the area adding to the worries of the locals.

Final casualty update: 0 deaths, between 32 and 37 injured: 15 outpatients, 22 hospitalised, less than 35000 homeless (waiting on figures).

Please refer to the CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes 2010 summary, for an idea of the scale of these similar Iranian earthquakes in 2010.

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