Deadly earthquakes of December 17 - Argentina, Chile, Indonesia (2x) and Japan

M 6.0    1920    Depth 10 km    Argentina - killing 400 people
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Google satellite map of the earthquake area (green arrow)

Punta Arenas -

M 7.8    1949    Depth 30 km    Chile - killing 4 person
The 1949 Tierra del Fuego earthquake was a seismic movement that took place in the island of Tierra del Fuego, on 17 December 1949, at 06:53:30 AM.
It recorded magnitude 7.8 in the Richter scale.
This was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the south of Argentina. It was felt with grade VIII in the Mercalli intensity scale, and affected the settlements and some others like Punta Arenas and Río Gallegos.
Its epicenter was located in the east of the Chilean Tierra del Fuego Province close to the Argentine border at a depth of 30 km (source : wikipedia).
Google satellite map of the earthquake area (green arrow)

M 6.5    1979    Depth 15 km    Indonesia - killing 32 people
The earthquake was centered in the water between the islands of Lombok and Bali.
Twenty-seven people were reported killed, 200 were reported injured, and about 80 percent of the homes and buildings were destroyed or badly damaged in Karangasem on eastern Bali.
Communications were cut off, and roads leading to Denpasar, the capital of Bali, were blocked by landslides, but only minor damage was reported in the capital area.
Many foreign tourists at the Bali Beach Intercontinental Hotel were shaken by the quake, but no injuries were reported.
The neighboring island of Lombok was shaken considerably by the shock, but only minor damage was reported.
Google satellite map of the earthquake area (green arrow)

M 6.5    1987    Depth 47.3 km    Japan - killing 2 people
Two people killed, 66 injured and damage in Chiba Prefecture and the Tokyo area.
Felt (V JMA) at Choshi, Chiba and Katsuura; (IV JMA) in the Tokyo-Yokohama-Mito-Kumagaya area; (III JMA) in the Onahama-Shizuoka-Iida area and on Oshima and Hachijo-jima.
Felt (I JMA) from Tottori to Sendai.  Strike-slip faulting.
Google satellite map of the earthquake area (green arrow)

M 5.8    2006    Depth 30 km    Indonesia - killing 7 people
Seven people killed, 100 injured and more than 680 homes damaged or destroyed in the Muarasipongi area.
Landslides reported in the Muarasipongi district.
Felt (VI) at Muarasipongi; (IV) at Aekgodang and Payakumbuh; (III) at Airbangis, Kotanopan, Mandahiling, Padangpanjang and Pekanbaru; (II) at Padang.
Felt (II) at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in Singapore.
Also felt at Johor Bahru and Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Google satellite map of the earthquake area (green arrow)

This page is dedicated to those who lost their life in terrible earthquakes / tsunamis / landslides.
People have forgotten a lot of these human tragedies.
We @ Earthquake Report are hopeful that people in these countries and cities will learn from their history and will make sure that they are building Earthquake Proof houses and that they know what to do when the earth will be shaking again.

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