Deadly earthquakes of December 16 - One of the most deadly earthquake days in history !

M 6.4   1902    Depth 9 km    Uzbekistan - killing 4,725 people

4,700 deaths. One of the world's deadliest earthquakes. Over 41,000 buildings destroyed in the Andijon-Margilan area.
A train was "thrown from the tracks" at Andijon station.
A strong aftershock about 40 minutes later caused additional damage.
Google satellite map of the earthquake area

M 8.6   1920    Depth 25 km    China - killing 273,400 people

Devastating Haiyuan earthquake 1920 China - picture courtesy

Total destruction (XII - the maximum intensity on the Mercalli scale) in the Lijunbu-Haiyuan-Ganyanchi area.
The 8.5-magnitude Haiyuan Earthquake that shook northwest China in 1920 killed about 273,400 people, over 40,000 more than previously estimated, a Chinese seismologist said Thursday.
The epicenter of the quake was Haiyuan County, in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, but it also rocked neighboring Gansu and Shaanxi provinces, on Dec. 16, 1920
Google satellite map of the earthquake area

M 7.1   1941    Depth 35 km    Taiwan - killing 357 people
A massive earthquake below central Taiwan in a very vulnarable area for landslides. History has proven that the surface is very unstable in this part of the country. Combined with heavy rainfall it creates occasionally killing landslides.
357 people were killed.
Google satellite map of the earthquake area

M 6.4   1982    Depth 35.5 km    Afghanistan - killing 500 people

Four hundred fifty people killed, many injured and considerable damage in Baghlan Province, Afghanistan.
Felt (VI) at Dusti and Parkhar, (V) at Kulyab and (IV) at Dushanbe, Tadzhikistan, USSR. Felt (III) at Tashkent, Uzbekistan, USSR. Also felt in the Peshawar-Rawalpindi area, Pakistan.
Google satellite map of the earthquake area

This page is dedicated to those who lost their life in terrible earthquakes / tsunamis / landslides.
People have forgotten a lot of these human tragedies.
We @ Earthquake Report are hopeful that people in these countries and cities will learn from their history and will make sure that they are building Earthquake Proof houses and that they know what to do when the earth will be shaking again.

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