Deadly earthquakes of December 7 - Japan 2x, Bulgaria and Armenia killing totally 26,280 people !

Picture Shimabara and Unzen volcano - courtesy

M 6.9    1922    Depth 5    km    Japan - killing 26 people
Two strong earthquakes (magnitude, 6.9, 6.5),11 foreshocks, and 1,350 aftershocks were recorded; fissures, jetted sand, and landslips occurred.
The earthquake was located on the Shimabara Peninsula and in Unzen-Amakusa National Park.
Mt. Unzen is a dangerous volcano. It resumed activity in 1990 after 198 years of silence.
In 1991 a large-scale pyroclastic flow occurred claiming a lot of persons' lives.
In May, 1995 the Volcanic Eruption Prediction Council declared that the volcanic activity had stopped.
Google satellite map of the earthquake area

M 8.1    1944    Depth 7    km     Japan - killing 1,251 people

More than 73,000 houses were destroyed or heavily damaged by the earthquake and an additional 3,000 houses were washed away by the tsunami.
The quake was felt from northern Honshu to Kyushu.
A large tsunami struck the Pacific Coast of Japan from Choshi, Honshu to Tosashimizu, Shikoku.
Maximum wave heights of up to 8 m (26 ft) were observed on the east coast of the Kii Peninsula, Honshu.
A 0.5-m tsunami was recorded on Attu, Alaska and a small tsunami was recorded at San Diego and Terminal Island, California.
Google satellite map of the earthquake area

M 5.6    1986    Depth 4.8 km    Bulgaria - killing 3 people
At least 3 people killed, 60 injured and damage (VII) in the Veliko Turnovo-Turgovishte area.
Felt throughout Bulgaria.
Also felt at Bucharest, Romania; Istanbul, Turkey and in eastern Yugoslavia.
Google satellite map of the earthquake area

M 6.7    1988    Depth 6.7 km    Armenia - killing 25,000 people

Also known as the Spitak earthquake, one of the world's deadliest earthquakes.
Two events about 3 seconds apart.
At least 25,000 people killed, 19,000 injured and 500,000 homeless in the Leninakan-Spitak-Kirovakan area of northern Armenia, USSR.
More than 20 towns and 342 villages were affected and 58 of them were completely destroyed.
Damage totaled 16.2 billion U.S. dollars.
Damage (X) at Spitak and (IX) at Leninakan, Kirovakan and Stepanavan.
Surface faulting 10 km in length and with a maximum throw of 1.5 m occurred.
Power transmission lines were severely damaged and landslides buried railroad tracks in the epicentral area.
Damage occurred in the Kelbadzhar area, Azerbaijan, USSR.
Felt (VII) at Tabatskuri and Borzhomi; (VI) at Bogdanovka, Tbilisi and Yerevan; (V) at Goris; (IV) at Makhachkala and Groznyy; (III) at Sheki and Shemakha, USSR.
Four people killed and damage in the Tuzluca-Kagizman-Kars area, Turkey.
Felt in the Tabriz-Orumiyeh area, Iran.
Google satellite map of the earthquake area

This page is dedicated to those who lost their life in terrible earthquakes / tsunamis / landslides.
People have forgotten a lot of these human tragedies.
We @ Earthquake Report are hopeful that people in these countries and cities will learn from their history and will make sure that they are building Earthquake Proof houses and that they know what to do when the earth will be shaking again.

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