Eyewitness reports from the Kraljevo, Serbia earthquake


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Thanks to EMSC, the European Mediterranean Seismological Center,  we have the possibility to show our readers how people experienced the earthquake with their own report writings.
Eartquake-report.com is cooperating with EMSC for these testimonies and reports.
Since 1 week we are linking the 'experience' form to evry earthquake we are publishing. We encourage people to fill them. The result of such report can be seen below.
The location of these witness reports has been determined in part by the IP number of the reporting person.

Witness location : Kraljevo (Serbia) (2 km W from epicenter)
It was very frightening experience. Some parts of the city have been damaged severely, others less seriously.
After this major earthquake, we felt more than dozen smaller ones, some strong enough to shake down bricks that were hanging from damaged buildings.

Witness location : Kragujevac (Serbia) (36 km NE from epicenter)
Very strong earthquake. That was the strongest earthquake i felt for life.

Witness location : Kragujevac (Serbia) (36 km NE from epicenter)
It lasted unusually long.
People are saying they first heard a sound, like a storm is coming, and then came the shaking, weak at first, and then strong with roaring and woodwork crunching. I was asleep, and woke up at strong shaking. Heard roaring and woodwork stretching.

Witness location : Жабаре (Serbia) (50 km SE from epicenter)
First i heard noice and it was like its comeing from outside the house,then glass things started making noice. And doors on my shelf opened.
it was maybe for 3-4 seconds.And yea my parot started making noice few seconds before it happened
Witness location : (Serbia) (53 km E from epicenter)
Pretty strange considering i barely felt the shaking(actually i don't think i felt it at all),but there were loud noises and rumbling but intensity of the rumbling was low(e.g. as if someone was running compared to storm like sounds which occur during 'normal' earthquake).

Witness location : Belgrade (Serbia) (119 km NW from epicenter)
i am about 100km from epicenter and i felt very strong!
i reed now online comments and watch tv, and we have first victims!
2 deads for now, around 50 ppl injured and many more to come.

Witness location : Belgrade (Serbia) (119 km NW from epicenter)
Swaying in the east-west direction seemed stronger than north-south. There was no up and down movement, seemed like more circular swaying. The earthquake itself seemed stronger than the reported 5.4. Everybody felt two in Belgrade, one less strong, pause for about 2 seconds, then the main one hit; most people seemed to wake up when the first one hit.

Witness location : Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) (188 km W from epicenter)
Short (3sec), but a powerful earthquake was felt in Sarajevo BIH. First we heard the noise and strong pressure from the windows, and the bed rocked, and I literally fell out of it. Otherwise, I live on the 17th floor of a skyscraper.

Witness location : Sofia (Bulgaria) (243 km SE from epicenter)
I was working a night shift on the second floor in a business building. All people were very scared when it hit us.
It was very steady wave-like experience, usually it is shorter but this time it was at least 20-30seconds. Almost like it was not going to end!
Everybody was starting to panic, but it faded out and it turned to nervous laughter.

EMSC page with the witness reports


  1. I was sleeping with my little douther on the third floor in a building in the centre of Kraljevo. First I heard nouise just like explosion, and then strong shaking like never before. Then I heard glass breaking, creaking of steel in a building, human screaming. It was terribly.

    • Armand Vervaeck says

      Thank you so much for your testimony.
      This was a terrible earthquake which had not enough international attention. European Union should help you a lot more.
      I think the Serbian state does a great job, but i don't see a lot of other help for Kraljevo people from other parts of the world.
      Regards from earthquake-report.com