Indonesia tsunami - QuakeSOS Free iPhone app ranks top 3 in Indonesia

The QUAKESOS iPhone application ranked top 3 in Indonesia.
We have build this application to facilitate people getting in contact with family and friends  to tell them they are safe or need help.
As long as mobile phone datalines are open (most of the send stations are continuing to work on batteries for hours and hours - recently proved in the Christchurch earthquake), and on the condition that a serious earthquake or aftershock has been published by  USGS, our registered users can send a message to all their friends and loved ones with 1 push on a button.
A simulation without earthquake can be tested too.

QuakeSOS is currently used by thousands of people worldwide.

QuakeSOS has been developed to help actively people caught in an earthquake + delivers the best earthquake information (

We have build this application in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake and based on the press comments that many people were traumatized not to hear anything from their friends and loved ones.
The application is FREE to download from the iPhone app store and will remain free in the future.

Download it for FREE from the App store (can be used with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad)

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