Indonesia Tsunami - no news of hundreds of people + a lot of damage

Information collected by and based on local news media

3 people confirmed killed (based on local informants of VIVAnews).  Hundreds are still missing and did not show up so far.  Officials indicate that people might have fled in the forest and had not return to their villages because of fear for huge aftershocks and other tsunamis. It will take at least 1 more day before we will have reliable data on the total damage, injured and killed people.
Damage has been reported on both North Pagai and even more on South Pagai. Most information comes from North Pagai, which was further away from the epicenter than South Pagai.
Official emergency services only have certainty about 1 casualty but confirm that their data is far from complete.
Pagai Islands are very scarcely populated and have only fishing villages and some surfer resorts.
One of these resorts 'Macaroni resort' was damaged by the earthquake. Officials also said that they had no news of a number of ships that must have been floating in the earthquake epicenter area and near the islands.
Officials are talking about waves of 1.2 meter. However eywitness reports from Australian surfers were telling stories of waves up to 3 meter high. has stated from the very beginning that South Pagai was most at risk for this earthquake.
We will report more news if it has a added value and when it is reliable.

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