Indonesia massive M 7.5 earthquake - USGS increases Magnitude to 7.7!

USGS has increased the Magnitude of the earthquake to M 7.7.

This makes this (shallow) earthquake one of the most powerful that occurred this year and even more powerful than the Haiti and the China earthquakes, both with huge numbers of casualties. Contrary to what most agencies are reporting at the moment, this earthquake will have shock-waves from at least VII MMI (very strong shaking).

Luckily the epicenter of the quake has been confirmed about 30 km out of the coast of southern Pangai.

Local Indonesian Sumatra press has still no news from the Pagai islands. They indicate that the mainland did not experience a big earthquake which was previsioned from the beginning by the seismology agencies.
We guess that it will take another 8 to 12 hours before mainland can make more inspections during daylight.

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