Your earthquake "FELT" report is of very big importance for science will from now on encourage FELT reporting from his readers.

Most people are not aware of the importance of their cooperation in reporting their FEEL experiences to the science organizations. The best developed is certainly USGS who gets a big number of felt reports for many earthquakes.

EMSC-CSEM is the European counterpart of USGS and is also a very important agency who does follow earthquakes worldwide and makes outstanding reports with their scientific data.

From now on, will put a FEEL link behind every earthquake in order to have the form always at hand if you have experienced the earthquake yourself.
If you opt to describe what you felt (in your local language !) your individual story can be found on the internet in the EMSC-CSEM website.

Why a FELT report ? Does science doesn't know it all ?
Earthquake science does know a lot but far from everything.
Predictions are far from being accurate as no scientist will know when and how strong an earthquake will strike. The places above fault lines are better and better known, but nobody knows when the rope will break apart.
The way people are experiencing an earthquake is also totally different with each earthquake.  Depending on the place where they live, the scientific components of a quake, the house they live in, etc every earthquake is experienced differently.
At we have noticed continuously that users from our QUAKESOS iPhone Application react totally differently as we sometimes expect. Smaller magnitudes are sometimes experienced as a more powerful earthquakes and bigger Magnitudes are hardly noticed.
Filling up your FEEL form will give science a bigger understanding of the human impact versus raw earthquake data.

The forms are rather extensive, but we encourage filling them up as good as possible as every detail is important for scientists.