Live Seismograph in Limon Verde, Chile

Seismograph Limon Verde, Chile

Seismograph or Seismogram at Limon Verde, Chile

Above a nearly ˜live™ picture of the earthquake registering station "Limon Verde" in Chile.
The seismographs are renewed approx. every 30 minutes. You will have to refresh the page to see the latest shaking registration.
We have used the names of Seismograph and Seismogram, because both names are used in different parts of the world. They mean the same.
Please use the seismographs in conjunction with our earthquake list and reporting. Often the seismograph indicates local events which have nothing to do with earthquakes, are being maintained or do not work.
All this happens beyond our knowledge.
We bring the seismograph ˜as it is™.
Time is UTC time (Universal Time).
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