Heavy aftershock rattles Chile main earthquake area

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UPDATE 14:42 UTC ( local 10:42)
The Chile Emergency services reported that the earthquake has been experienced by the local people as follows :
Hioghest values came in from Bio-Bio province
Concepción, Talcahuano, Laraquete  and Arauco, Mercalli V = Moderate shaking
Quinchamalí and Cobquecura,  Mercalli IV = light shaking

2010 Chile earthquake

February 27 damage picture - Image via Wikipedia

Earthquake Report comment :
Major aftershock  in the coastal waters near Conception.
All values are preliminary. Details will follow.
A strong shaking will have been perceived in the coastal towns (Mercalli VI) - Population  which will experience this shaking : 75,000.
GDACS just issued an GREEN earthquake report (look link below).
Following the GDACS statistics, approx. 1 million people live in a radius of 50 km around the epicenter.
The earthquake (aftershock) occurred in the middle of the night (3:28).
This is one of the heaviest aftershocks in Chile since many weeks.
Based on our experience with Chilean earthquakes of the recent months, eventual damage or injuries will be limited (although we have to mention that every earthquake has its own specifics) .
So far (50 minutes after the earthquake), no reports in the local press (of course it is in the middle of the Chilean night).
As we have not received incoming alarms on our QuakeSOS app so far, we presume that the human perceived impact is limited to very limited (we know although that Chilean people are not easily frightened anymore, as aftershocks make a part of Chile daily life since February 27).
Almost all Chile emotions are going these days to the 33 miners who are stuck 700 meters under the surface in the San José mine in Copiapo and have to stay there for at least a couple of months more. Everything else is getting in Chile today less attention.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Thursday, September 09, 2010 at 03:28:02 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 17 km
Geo-location(s) :
34 km (21 miles) SW (236°) from Concepcion, Chile
70 km (45 miles) NNE of Lebu, Bio-Bio, Chile

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
Google satellite map of the area showing the kind of terrain the earthquake took place
USGS Shaking map
USGS Pager map
USGS historic earthquakes map
GDACS Green Earthquake Alert (Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System)

* GDACS (Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System) provides near real-time alerts about natural disasters around the world. GDACS is a Joint Initiative of the United Nations and the European Commission

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