Earthquakes list September 6, 2010

M 5.0      2010/09/06 20:58   Depth 35.3 km     VANUATU
Aftershock of the M 7.3 earthquake in the same area on August 10. Not dangerous

M 5.2      2010/09/06 17:15   Depth 131.3 km     SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA
Harmless because of the depth. Epicenter near Kota Agung, Sumatra.  Next to Bukit Lumut Balai, an eroded stratovolcano with active fumarole fields.

M 5.5      2010/09/06 13:46   Depth 17.5 km     SOLOMON ISLANDS
Read our detailed report on this earthquake

M 5.4      2010/09/06 11:40   Depth 9 km      SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND
M 5.2      2010/09/06 11:24   Depth 9 km       SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND
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M 5.2      2010/09/06 09:54   Depth 35.0 km     KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND
Seaquake 100 km from l'Esperance Rock. Epicenter right on the slopes of the deep Kermadec Trench.
The Kermadec Islands are located on an Volcano Island Arc, thanking it's existence at the subduction of the Pacific plate under the Indo-Australian plate.

M 5.5      2010/09/06 07:24   Depth 213.3 km     TONGA
EMSC has other values : M 6.0 and a depth of 212 km. Both values are harmless

M 5.1      2010/09/06 04:02   Depth 55.5 km     NEAR NORTH COAST OF NEW GUINEA, P.N.G.
In the wilderness area of Papua New Guinea.  Almost a daily experience in this part of the world.

M 4.9      2010/09/06 03:20   Depth 18.2 km      BIO-BIO, CHILE
After some weeks of relative quiet, again a powerful aftershock. Near Lebu and Arauco

M 4.7      2010/09/06 03:08   Depth 69.0 km      MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES
Not powerful enough to create damage or injuries. Same area as the earthquake from yesterday, but closer to the coastline.

M 4.9      2010/09/06 02:49   Depth 155.9 km      COSTA RICA
Epicenter in the border area with Nicaragua. Harmless because of the depth of the hypocenter

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