Christchurch earthquake : GNS Science reconnaissance team first flyover of the new fault

3 GNS Scientists did fly over the 22 km long fault line which lies at the origin of the massive Magnitude 7.1 Canterbury earthquake.
The short video belongs to GNS Science and has been uploaded by them to You Tube. hopes that our readers will all look at this video as it explains a lot of the movement and displacement in a fault line.
Subjects in this short video :
- Trace Orientation : East to West
- Oblique shearing along much of trace (ER : compression stress)
- Fault trace passes below high voltage power lines
- Fault line passes beneath 2 farm buildings and close to others
- Right lateral offset of up to 4 m. in the center of the trace
- Vertical displacements of up to 1,5 m.
- Surface cracking (as seen also in Christchurch)
- Pressure ridging