Earthquakes list August 26, 2010

M 5.4      2010/08/26 15:08   Depth 283.5 km     NEAR THE WEST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
Powerful, but too deep to cause any problem. Right under the mainland and 51 km from Fukui. We will publish a detailed report within a couple of minutes.

M 4.7  2010-08-26   13:09   Depth 624 km !     FIJI REGION
Very very deep in the upper mantle of our planet, a dense hot layer of semi-solid rock.

Map of Timor, designed by Boffin

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M 4.7  2010-08-26   09:45   Depth 10 km      TIMOR REGION
Remote coastal area on the island of Timor (West Timor = Indonesian part).  Serious shock because of the shallow depth of the earthquake and the immediate vicinity of a small village. Look at the gravel roads leading to the village and the patchwork of fields from the local people.

M 4.5      2010/08/26 08:02   Depth 124.5 km TONGA
At least 100 km from the nearest populated island

M 5.1      2010/08/26 04:21   Depth 139.2 km     BANDA SEA, INDONESIA
In the middle of the Banda Sea

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This earthquake list covers minor and major earthquakes  in the world.
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green color = NOT dangerous for damage or injuries
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Minor earthquakes are earthquakes without or with little damage risk.  In most cases these earthquakes have a Magnitude smaller than M 5.0 OR earthquakes with an hypocenter (depth) of more than 100 km OR earthquakes up to M 5.9 with an epicenter far away from populated areas.