Southern Iran “ M 5.3 earthquake July 31 “ update “ 1 dead, 30% of the houses demolished in 4 villages

Puzzling pieces together is the only way to find out what really happened and is happening in both earthquake areas struck by M 5.3 and M 5.8 earthquakes last Friday and Saturday.

At least one person was killed, and 300 others were injured.
An estimated one-third of the buildings in four villages were demolished.

The official Iranian News Agency quoted one Red Crescent official as saying there was a danger of worse earthquakes because one of the two quakes Friday night and Saturday was not followed by aftershocks.

Israeli press states : the stricken areas did not include the Islamic Republic™s nuclear sites.

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Earlier Remark of Earthquake Report:
Earthquake Report is not sure at all that all the details have been given.
The town of Baft was also very nearby and the given information does not look complete, no word on Baft.
If many houses were badly damaged, there must certainly be at least injured people.
As there are no independent journalists to report, we are cautious to believe the government reports.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 10:22:57 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 22 km
Geolocation(s) :
32 km  of Baft  Iran
95 km (60 miles) SSW of Kerman, Iran
110 km (70 miles) E of Sirjan, Iran
135 km (85 miles) SE of Rafsanjan, Iran