Colombia - M 5.0 - Moderate earthquake

Colombia earthquake July 29, 2010 - epicenter area and QuakeSIOS safe signals

Colombia earthquake July 29, 2010 - epicenter area and QuakeSIOS safe signals

Earthquake Report comment :
At 2:34 PM a moderate earthquake struck Columbia with the epicenter at a distance of 125 km from Bogota.
The village closest to the epicenter is Las Mercedes. The epicenter area is a farming area with few houses.
The depth of 63 km softened the impact of the quake. USGS Did You Feel It
Look at the Google Satellite Map to  see a detail of the the epicenter terrain.
We call this earthquake 'moderately risky'.

Update 1 : So far, authorities have reported no casualties or material damage, but many panic and fear calls. (El Espectador - Columbia).
Based on our experiences it will take a few hours before we have detailed reports from the epicenter area

Update 2 : People living near the epicenter felt a very strong shaking during approx. 10 seconds. All local newspapers mention Red Alert status of the rescue services who are now crisscrossing the epicenter area to register eventual damage or to aid if people need help.
Communications, phone lines and Internet have gone down near the epicenter.
QuakeSOS; the emergency iPhone Earthquake App,  has received various SAFE data signals from the greater epicenter area. The closest signal we received was approx. 93 km from the epicenter.
Earthquake data are very different following the various sources :
Columbia ; Depth 4 km, M 5.4
USGS : Depth 63 km, Mb 5.0
EMSC ; Depth 60 km, Mb 4.9
GFZ Potsdam : Depth 10 km, M 5.2
EMSC map with fault line

Update 3 : Complete normality reported in Ortega, Tolima, after shaking of Magnitude 5.4 reports the local Newspaper El Tiempo

Update 4 : Police said that the 8,500 inhabitants of this town took to the streets and the park.
"I saw many people on the streets, some crying, but now everything has returned to calm, to normal, people returned to their homes, their daily work," says a soldier (Source : El Tiempo)

Update 5 : Confirmation by a spokesperson of the DEPAE that no damage or injuries have been reported (Source : CityTV)

Earthquake Data:
Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 02:34:48 PM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 63 km
Geolocation : 45 km (25 miles)  of Girardot, Colombia

USGS Did You Feel It Map