Massive deadly earthquake in Pakistan - Satellite Spot images used for detection of the destruction

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This page will automatically refresh every 60 minutes as we might be adding regular updates. Keep it open in a browser tab. Also written by Jens Skapski. - Update 16:24 UTC - October 1 : The Pakistan Disaster Management Authority has released new data of the fatalities after both earthquakes of … [Read more...]

Massive deep earthquake felt all over Colombia and Ecuador - October 1 update

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Earthquake overview : A massive subduction earthquake occurred below the Colombian Andes at 11:31 local time. Due to the very deep hypocenter, this earthquake will probably not lead to damage or injuries Tell us when you think you have felt this earthquake. Colombia-only earthquake list Most … [Read more...]

Earthquake Sulawesi, Indonesia - one of these (internationally) almost forgotten earthquakes

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Earthquake overview : A very strong shallow and thus dangerous earthquake struck in the afternoon local time below the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia Tell us when you think you have felt this earthquake. Indonesia-only earthquake list Keep this page open to read more details when they become … [Read more...]

Very strong deep earthquake at the Chile / Peru border - some damage and power cuts reported in both countries

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Earthquake overview : A very strong earthquake occurred in the tr--country region of Northern Chile (location of the epicenter), Southern Peru and Western Bolivia. Tell us when you think you have felt this earthquake. Chile-only earthquake list Keep this page open to read more details when … [Read more...]

Very strong damaging earthquake in Tajikistan - 6000 people homeless

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Earthquake overview : A strong earthquake occurred at a shallow depth of 4 to 10 km, depending on the source, in Tajikistan.  The local time of occurrence was 04:28. Tell us when you think you have felt this earthquake. Tajikistan-only earthquake list Keep this page open to read more details … [Read more...]

Earthquake Colorado / New Mexico, USA - continuing aftershocks in the Trinidad / Raton area

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Earthquake overview : After having experienced a foreshock with a magnitude of 4.6 at 5:30 PM on August 22, a second strong mainshock measuring 5.3 magnitude (5.5 initially reported)  scared the Trinidad, Raton area. "I have Felt it" Reports --> see below + Let us know how you have … [Read more...]

Earthquake activity (historic and present) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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This page has been started on August 18 2011 and will include all major historic earthquakes as well as shallow (less than 20 km depth) earthquakes 3.5 magnitude or greater which did happen in populated areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina (epicenter in Bosnia and Herzegovina) from now on. This page … [Read more...]

Papua New Guinea 01/08/2011 earthquake : "happy end" for the people from Bam (Biem) volcano island + videos

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Earthquake Overview : A very strong shallow magnitude 6.8  earthquake occurred close to the coast of Papua New Guinea on Monday August 1 at 9:38 local time.  Soon after the earthquake, the Pacific tsunami and Warning Center issued a statement that NO widespread tsunami is expected from this … [Read more...]

Wakayama (Japan) earthquake 05/07/2011 : 11 houses damaged

Last update: July 8, 2011 at 7:44 am by By has made a short video based on the text below. Feel free to take a look. I Have Felt It Report from Wakayama : I was driving in Wakayama city and didn't feel a thing but my wife called me 5 minutes later when I was in a store saying we just had a big quake. Then we had … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list June 11, 2011

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M 4.6      2011/06/11 20:23     Depth 9.2 km      JAVA, INDONESIA June 12, 2011 at 03:23:08 AM at epicenter Almost below Lebaksitu. To weak to be damaging 69 km (42 miles) SW of JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia Satellite map of the greater epicenter area Summary of very deep, deep moderate or weak … [Read more...]