Christchurch: 4 years after the big one.....

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Today is the 4th anniversary of the main Christchurch earthquake on the 22nd February, 2011. With over $30 billion in economic costs and counting... as well as 185 fatalities, the city of Christchurch and its surroundings were shaken to their core over a long couple of years of damaging … [Read more...]

Understanding the mystery of earthquake Beach Balls

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Written by Dr. Gemma Smith, Geologist & Geophysicist Dr. Gemma Smith is a young Research Assistant in Earth Sciences at the University of Southampton. Her PhD did focus on the geophysical investigation of the Makran subduction zone, in order to further understand its deformation and seismogenic … [Read more...]

Worldwide EARTHQUAKE related news – Archive November 2012

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If you search for the latest real time earthquakes lists : click here The most recent earthquake related news : Click here Below the sign $ to $$$$$ are links to article in the press. $ : little importance $$$$$ : a must read! November 30 2012 Did you know this earthquake happened on … [Read more...]

The impact of cultural and religious influences during natural disasters (volcano eruptions)

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Author : A scientific paper written by David Harris, Earth Sciences Department, University College London, London Read also :  Hazard map assessment of Mount Merapi, Central Java, Indonesia using remote sensing Until very recently, there has been a lack of research into cultural and religious … [Read more...]

Understanding the August 11 2012, East Azerbaijan - Iran earthquake

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Earthquake overview : 2 consecutive M6+ earthquakes in a matter of 10 minutes and 10 km apart from each other have changed the lives of thousands of people near Ahar, Iran.  The earthquake came as a surprise because they occurred within a tectonic plate (intraplate). Read also : our main in-depth … [Read more...]

Understanding the M 8.6 massive Indian Ocean / Sumatra earthquake

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Read also our extensive in-depth report with numerous testimonies about this massive earthquake The April 11, 2012, M8.6 and M8.2 earthquakes off the west coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia, occurred as a result of strike-slip faulting within the oceanic lithosphere of the Indo-Australia plate. … [Read more...]

Understanding the massive March 20 Mexico earthquake

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Earthquake overview : On 3/20/2012  at about 11:30h local time, a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.4 (Mexican sources are reporting a M 7.8 strength) occurred in the highly populated region of Oaxaca / Guerrero in Mexico. The earthquake's epicenter was located at  162 km from Oaxaca and 322 km from … [Read more...]

Japan - 366 days after the Quake... 19000 lives lost, 1.2 million buildings damaged, $574 billion

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It has now been one year since the March 11th, 2011 earthquake and tsunami and just like STOP KONY 2012 or the Greece Economic Bailout , the 1 year anniversary is being remembered and quoted all over the internet and the world.   CATDAT and have been reporting on this cruel … [Read more...]

Construction errors may have been responsible for the collapse of the Christchurch CTV building (killing 115 people)

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Overview of the articles we have written on the New Zealand earthquake One year after the quake, a technical report on the deadly collapse of the Canterbury Television building has revealed what caused the structure to fail in last February's magnitude 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch New … [Read more...]

Understanding the very strong damaging Nepal/Sikkim earthquake (18/09/2011)

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Earthquake information : A magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit Sikkim, India 12:40:48 UT (10:48 PM at epicenter) The depth of the hypocenter was at 20.7 km. The earthquake caused victims and huge damage in Sikkim (India), India and Nepal. It was also well felt in Bangladesh. Read also: Very strong … [Read more...]