Are earthquake "early warning systems" to be trusted?

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The opinion : NO and YES, ... with the right use of the alert, many things can be done. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are doing exactly the opposite of what they should do in such an event. After every major earthquake there is hype for "earthquake early warning … [Read more...]

United States real-time earthquake lists for each of the 50 US States

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This page has been created to find out in real-time if an earthquake has been noticed by seismographs in or near the state you are living. We have started to fill our database in January 2012. On top of the USGS notifications, we are also showing the earthquake details as published by other … [Read more...]

Series of strong to very strong earthquakes out of the New Zealand North Island coast

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Earthquake overview :  3 earthquakes have struck 100 km out of the New Zealand East Cape coast. The earthquakes were largely observed by people on the East Cape.  The earthquake was felt as far as Rotorua. "I have Felt it" Reports --> see below + Let us know "how you have … [Read more...]

Second massive Kermadec Islands earthquake in 4 months time

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Earthquake overview :  At 05:57 October 22 2011 local time, a massive 7.4 earthquake struck the Kermadec trench area. The closest island at several hundred km was Raoul Island. The island is a scientific base from New Zealand and people are well trained to deal with strong earthquakes which are … [Read more...]

Vancouver Island earthquake : check the "Live Seismographs" nearest to the epicenter

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Read also : Very strong earthquake along the coast of Vancouver Island – depth 23 km Magnitude 6.4 Read also : Greater Vancouver area gets a wake-up call for earthquake preparedness As usual, tries to zoom into the details of important earthquakes. This 2 links on … [Read more...] is 1000 articles young!

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What a sad day for What should have been a party day for the people behind this website, turned out in another deadly earthquake. This time in Spain. Since we started in August we have seen numerous cruel earthquakes. To name only a few : Mentawai tsunami (Indonesia), … [Read more...]

2 examples of how technology made the difference during the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami

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Japan launched a new earthquake warning system in 2007. It uses sensors that pick up the faster-moving and less destructive P-waves produced by an earthquake and transmits a warning broadcast on television and radio before the destructive S-waves and surface waves arrive, giving recipients of the … [Read more...]

Massive 8.9 aftershock / earthquake along the Japanese coast

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This is part 1 of our ongoing story on the March 9, M 7.3 earthquake who initiated the massive M 8.9 earthquake / tsunami which struck Japan on March 11 2011. Click here for part 2 Click here for part 3 UPDATE 10:58 UTC : In this earthquake, the devastating tsunami affected coastal districts … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list March 7, 2011

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M 5.1      2011/03/07 13:28     Depth 35.1 km      VANUATU March 08, 2011 at 12:28:29 AM at epicenter Aftershock in the Erromango Island area. The epicenter is located in the sea approx. 20 km from the South-Eastern side of Erromango. The mainshock of this earthquake occurred on … [Read more...]

Christchurch 2011 earthquake : a "live seismogram" of the aftershocks

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We are publishing this page so that people can follow almost from minute what is happening in the Christchurch epicenter area. This page has been made possible by the very good work of New Zealand GEONET who accurately measured all the earthquake activity from the first minutes after the earthquake … [Read more...]