Christchurch: 4 years after the big one.....

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Today is the 4th anniversary of the main Christchurch earthquake on the 22nd February, 2011. With over $30 billion in economic costs and counting... as well as 185 fatalities, the city of Christchurch and its surroundings were shaken to their core over a long couple of years of damaging … [Read more...]

Earthquakes in the world on September 27 , 2014 (M4.5 or more)

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New earthquakes will be added instantly! - Keep this page open in a browser tab Weaker earthquakes check this listing Earthquakes of M 2.9 or more, click here. - - Join our small group of volunteers and use your skills to help the world better understand the danger of earthquakes / … [Read more...]

Earthquakes in the world on September 27 , 2014 (M2.9 or more)

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New earthquakes will be added instantly! - Keep this page open in a browser tab - - needs your skills Because of our growing popularity, we always need volunteers (limited time activities per day/week/event) for the following tasks : earthquake article writer(s) … [Read more...]

Etna (Sicily, Italy) September 28, 2011 eruption video

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Read also : New eruption of Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy (08/09/2011) Read also : Another beautiful eruption of Mt Etna (Italy) on August 29 2011 + videos Read also : Today’s eruption video (August 20) at Etna volcano (Sicily, Italy) + video other eruptions Comment for this article and … [Read more...]

Earthquake Nepal / Sikkim : Video selection showing the many faces of this cruel earthquake

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As usual with important destructive earthquakes, the team has searched the internet to select a set of videos which are showing the different faces of the earthquake. If you have found even better videos on the internet or have recorded a video yourself, please let us know with … [Read more...]

Etna volcano Sicily, Italy : compilation video of 4 months eruptions

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Klaus Dorschfeldt, alias KdEtna, the Sicilian video maker, has compiled a number of his best shots of his earlier Etna eruptions videos into a new video. The eruptions are from early 2011 until September 2011. Enjoy these beautiful images of 9 months Etna eruptions / paroxysms Read also :  … [Read more...]

Video selection of the Virginia earthquake by

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Read also : Magnitude 4.5 aftershock Virginia + 93 “I Have Felt It” reports Read also : Virginia earthquake “I Have Felt It” reports – 106 reports Read also : Very strong and dangerous earthquake rattles Virginia – damage overview Read also : Understanding the Magnitude 5.8 Virginia earthquake … [Read more...]

Vrancea earthquake zone : one of the most active seismic areas in Europe (Carpathians).

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Read also : Deep moderate earthquake worries Romanians (04/10/2011) Vrancea is one of the most active seismic areas in Europe. It is known for its intermediate-depth (70 - 200 km) earthquakes, which can reach a magnitude of M 7.0 - M 7.8. It is somehow a special zone, because it couldn't be … [Read more...]

Videos of the activity (including the collapsing crater floor) at the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii (03/08/2011)

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A new lava flow has broken out at Kilauea Pu'u O'o crater. Kilauea is a volcano in Hawaii that has been continuously erupting for nearly three decades. The lava flow is entirely within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and is certainly not dangerous for the population living near the park. The … [Read more...]

Overview video PNG, Bam volcano Island earthquake (01/08/2011)

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Earthquake Overview : A very strong shallow magnitude 6.8  earthquake occurred close to the coast of Papua New Guinea on Monday August 1 at 9:38 local time.  Soon after the earthquake, the Pacific tsunami and Warning Center issued a statement that NO widespread tsunami is expected from this … [Read more...]