Understanding the Lushan, Ya’an, Sichuan, China earthquake

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The April 20, 2013 UTC Mw6.6 earthquake in the Sichuan province of China occurred as the result of east-west oriented reverse-type motion on a north-south striking fault. A preliminary source location suggest the event likely occurred on the Longmenshan fault or a tectonically related fault … [Read more...]

Moderate earthquake – France on April 19, 2013 – Tremblement de Terre – Seisme

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– Ce tremblement de terre a dans la province du Centre. Il est probable qu'il y aura des dommages mineurs. This earthquake occurred in the region of Centre. We are still collecting data on this M4.5 earthquake. Most important Earthquake Data: Magnitude :  Local Time (conversion … [Read more...]

Very strong earthquake close to the shore of Papua New Guinea – NO serious damage reported from Aitape

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– Update 05:52 UTC : What appeared as a strong 05:05 UTC  M5.5 aftershock is in fact a totally different earthquake in the Indonesian part of the island (also the depth differs from the Aitape earthquake). The epicenter was inland and based on what we know from previous earthquakes in the area, … [Read more...]

Massive earthquake below the Iran / Pakistan border Region – Pakistan 36 fatalities + 3000 houses collapsed, 19000 people in need for help

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– Important update April 18 - 10:17 UTC Pakistani sources report that the earthquake destroyed 3,000 houses in Mashkeel, Pakistan's border province with Iran. Officials said a total of 19,000 people were reported to be in need of shelter and wait for help. Aid materials can only be sent by … [Read more...]

Moderate earthquake near Guerrero, Mexico

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– UPDATE:- USGS has released a M5.2 estimate at 53.6km around 29km SE of Tres Palos. There is thus very little chance of major damage, but still a possibility of some minor damage. It will most likely be felt V or VI. An earthquake of around M5.3 has hit Mexico. More news to follow in … [Read more...]

Strong earthquake close to the Batan Islands, Philippines

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– Update 03:00 UTC : Reported Intensities of V-VI were received from Basco, Isbayat, Mahatao and Ivana in the Batanes Islands. There is a possibility for light damage and the NDRRMC in Philippines is monitoring the situation. Update 21:03 UTC : According to the (theoretical) calculations of … [Read more...]

Strong earthquake – Honduras – power outages.

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–Written in addition by Jens Skapski. UPDATE:- No major damage has yet occurred. Good news, as there has only been minor damage (small cracks) and a few displaced temporarily due to panic and checks. This does not achieve CATDAT Orange status. UPDATE:- Power outages have been restored in … [Read more...]

Very strong deadly earthquake in Southern Iran – At least 40 dead and over 1100 injured (also well felt in KSA and the UAE)

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Kaki City

– Written by Armand Vervaeck, James Daniell and Jens Skapski Understanding the tectonics behind the Southern Iran earthquake The April 9, 2013 M6.3 earthquake in southern Iran occurred as result of northeast-southwest oriented thrust-type motion in the shallow crust of the Arabian … [Read more...]

Massive earthquake below inner Irian Jaya, Indonesia – 3 killed by landslides + a lot of damage

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Update April 14 - A little late for this report but the damage was far bigger than initially expected. It took also quite some time to reach the epicenter area. Authorities finally could assess the region by helicopter. - Thousands of residents in 3 inland districts had experienced food … [Read more...]

Strong earthquake hits central Taiwan – 1 death, at least 97 injured + a lot of damage

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Crack along the length of a building in Nantou County, Taiwan.

This page may be updated several times - it will refresh automatically Most recent updates on top - Oldest content below A strong earthquake has hit central Taiwan with the possibility of deaths and injuries. Update 15:06 UTC Number of injuries rises to 97. At least 174 schools were damaged … [Read more...]

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