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Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 13.44.14We only started the list below in 2013. We truly want to thank all of the great people (also those donating before 2013) for making this site possible. They are the ones giving us volunteers and founders (all working for free) a boost to continue our work. is being read by more people than ever before, which is great, but which also makes the site more expensive.
We are also proud to be one of the very few sites in the world who have still NO irritating advertisements, as we are convinced that showing almost nude Chinese girls next  to the victims report of a Chinese earthquake is offensive to many of you as it is to us (this happened to us earlier).
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Donations 2014/2015

US$ 1,000 or more
- Hui Chen, Botany, New South Wales, Australia

In between US$ 500 and US$ 999
- David McKenzie, Rifle, CO, United States

In between US$ 250 and US$ 499
- Gerard Steve, Köln, Germany

In between US$ 100 and US$ 249
- Anne Sanquini, Saratoga, CA, United States
- Sharon Phillips, Sterling, CT, United States
- Ian Brereton, Lancing, United Kingdom
- Clotaire Michel, Zürich, Switzerland
- Jon Bowman, Dee Why, New South Wales, Australia
- Robert Ekstrom, Aledo, TX,  United States
- Alice Cunningham, Seattle, WA, United States
- Michael Overeem, The Dalles, Oregon, United States
- Tina Maria Dort-Trueb, Wetzikon, Switzerland
- Ian Morris, Cannington, Australia
- Paul Harrington, Arlington, MA, United States
- Andree Helminger, Adliswil, Switzerland

In between US$ 50 and US$ 99
- Joyce L Robinson, Petaluma, CA, United States
- Gerhardt Schmidt, Wiesau, Germany
- John Wade, Houston, TX, United States
- Christophe Guichaoua, Crécy la chapelle, Ile-de-France, France
- Elizabeth Zust, Wainscott, NY, United States
- Marc De Mulder, Zemst, Belgium
- Praveen Dandamudi, Morrisville, NC, United States
- Kennetta Farms & Nursery, Timpson, Texas, United States
- Judith Seime, Plano, Texas, United States
- The Summerhome LLC, Burien, Washington, United States
- Jürgen Seyler, Contwig, Germany
- Simone Bennett, Beaver Falls, PA, United States
- Virginia McGlothlin Peterson, Cary, NC, United States
- Bruce Farrington; Gig Harbor, Washington, United States
- Andre Dittrich, Karlsruhe, Germany

Up to US$ 49
- Russell Lawrenson, Nottingham, United Kingdom
- Richard Oliver, Miribel Lanchatre, France
- Susan Mair, Sarasota, FL, United States
- Noel Elliott, Silver Spring, MD, United States
- John Goodwyn, Italy, TX, United States
- Patrick Taylor, Huntington Beach, CA, United States
- Louis Charles Woolums, Santa Rosa, CA, United States
- Calvin Ogawa, La Habra, CA, United States
- Beverley J Allison, Sayward, British Columbia,  Canada
- Lisa Linton, Swansea, United Kingdom
- Tim Messick, Davis, CA, United States
- Hederstierna Kirsten, Helsingborg, Sweden
- John Spencer, Sedro Woolley, WA, United States
- Nicholas Littlefair, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom
- Jeffrey Hunter, Brisbane, Australia
- Gebe Zoltan, Budapest, Hungary
- Jonatha Caspian, Oakton, VA, United States
- Daniel Thompson, Galesburg, IL, United States
- Job Hofman, Groet, Bergen, Netherlands
- Carole Robin,Douarnenez, France
- Holger Assenmacher, Eulenbis, Germany
- Julie Dovey, Farnborough, Hampshire, United Kingdom
- Ric Smith, Buckfastleigh, Devon, United Kingdom
- Carol Fewlass, Sleights Whitby, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
- Staffan Lindqvist, Oberhaching, Germany
- Jochen Kugelmann, Aurich, Germany
- Nancy Rogers, Covington Trail, Austin, TX, United States
- Ruth Nettleship, Clifton Village, Nottingham, United Kingdom
- Patricia Youngs, Monticello, MN, United States
- Cheryl McNeill Schwab, Northampton, MA, United States
- Alice Webber, Oakland, CA, United States
- Christina Schmidt, München, Germany
- Sabine Behrmann, Valby, Denmark
- Kerry Higson, Lae, Papua New Guinea
- Jacqueline sp,  St Ives, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
- Nicholas Littlefair, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom
- Alice Hadley, Barrigada, Guam, United States
- Sabine Melson, Mühltal, Germany
- Mark Domzalski, Cumming, GA, United States
- Dr. Barbara Nichtweiss, Mainz, Germany
- Tarmo Tanilsoo, Tartumaa, Estonia
- Anonymous, München, Germany
- Marcia Clasgens, San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico, United States
- Linda Shekinah, Bethel, VT, United States
- Lubna Quazi, London, London, United Kingdom
- Katherine Thomson, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
- Michael Wood, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
- Pamela Thornton, Chester, United Kingdom
- Mary Franklin, Apple Valley, California, United States
- Dyah Paramita, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia
- Holly Winsman, Orlando, Florida, United States
- Diana McKeown, Napa, CA, United States
- Susan, Manchester, United Kingdom
- Jane Reeves, Skipton, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
- Thoris Szczerba, Belle Vernon, PA, United States
- Chantal Kandu Bambi and Fred d’Hondt, Deurne, Belgium
- Wenche Hadland Milas, Sola, Norway
- Robert Somerville, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
- Oscar Forth, Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
- Eye of Skye, Struan, Highland, Scotland, United Kingdom
- Dietrich Dreyer, Solothurn, Switzerland
- Sophie Bollinne, Brussels, Belgium
- Jennifer Love Hewitt, Los Angeles, California, United States
- Ying Hu, Helsinki, Finland
- Richard Barclay, Redbourn, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Helena Salo, Helsinki, Finland
- Marina Neal, Newport, Oregon, United States


Donations 2013 (including donations for special products)


US$ 1,500 or more
- Colin Logan, Suffolk, United Kingdom

In between US$ 250 and US$ 750
- Mary Johnson, Stonington, CT, United States
- Jon Bowman, Dee Why, New South Wales, Australia

In between US$ 100 and US$ 250
Jan Christensen, Copenhagen, Denmark
- Zsuzsanna Vanhulst, Herisau, Switzerland
- Jouni Elo, Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland
- Pamela Thornton, Chester, United Kingdom
- Heike Reifgens, Mönchengladbach, Germany
- Brice Tavernier, Howald, Luxembourg
- Lala Bukarau,  SOPAC, Suva City, Rewa, Fiji
- Patrick Cadeddu, Paris, France
- David Eva, Lerwick, Shetland, United Kingdom
- Lars Lenell, Vendelsö, Sweden
- Victoria Rogers, Rincon, GA, United States

In between US$ 50 and US$ 100
- Allan Jones, Elgin, Moray, United Kingdom
- Russell Lawrenson, Nottingham, United Kingdom
- Bruce Farrington; Gig Harbor, Washington, United States
- Dr. Barbara Nichtweiss, Mainz, Germany
- Hederstierna Kirsten, Helsingborg, Sweden
- Greta Van Baelen, Lubbeek, Belgium
- Ian Morris, Cannington, Australia
- Rainer Strassburger, Berlin, Germany
- Joerg Häfliger, Zurich, Switzerland
- Judith Seime, Plano, TX, United States
- Frederick Devey, Farmborough, Bath, United Kingdom
- Andrew N Keay, Woodmansterne, Banstead, United Kingdom
- Jiahui Guo, Philadelphia, PA, United States
- Joern Rimer, Dybvad, Azerbaijan
- Josiah Ittner, Breckenridge, CO, United States
- Charles Davis, Timpson, TX, United States

Up to US$ 50
Michael Morrowfox, Huntersville, NC, United States
- Matti Hirvonen, Lieksa, Finland
- John Lough, Portland, Maine, United States
- Philip Patterson, Edmond, Oklahoma, United States
- Neil Fellows, Denny, Stirlingshire, United Kingdom
- Carole Robin, Douarnenez, France
- Imbar Golt, Eilat, Israel
- Corwin Kraus, Rieden a. F., Germany
- Eric Roche, Booragul, New South Wales, Australia
- Margaret Lewis, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
- Joseph Aitken, Musselburgh, East Lothian, United Kingdom
- Ran Goff, Cedar Grove, WI, United States
- Christian Holzner, Nußdorf an Inn, Germany
- Sissel Skramstad, Netherlands
- Joerg Lingnau, Essen, Germany
- Pieter Nierop, Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands
- Sebastian Łynka, Warszawa, Poland
- Jacqueline Sp, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
- Simone Bennett, Beaver Falls, PA, United States
- Thomas Vleeskruyer, Almere, Netherlands
- Aaron Wilkerson, Pasadena, Tx, United States
- Gerhardt Schmidt, Wiesau, Germany
- Isabelle Noir, Fameck, France
- Shelly Jordan, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
- Chris Lohman, West Palm Beach, FL, United States
- Gus Rumpf, Ovilla, TX, United States
- Dietrich Dreyer, Solothurn, Switzerland
- Sylvie Sauvage, Tully, France
- Mrs H Benjamins, Croydon, Surrey , United Kingdom
- Robert Todd, Portland, OR, United States
- Siri Nam Khalsa, Green Valley, AZ, United States
- Christian Greger, Bergen, Norway
- Russell Keith, Woburn, MA, United States
- Monika Maria Focke, La Restinga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
- Richard Marshall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
- Martina Orthwein, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain
- Susanne, FL, United States
- Andrew Sillis, Bonn, Germany
- Tom Giersing, Torpe, Stege, Denmark
- Richard Roworth, Bolton, United Kingdom
- Andrea Diekmann, Wolmirstedt, Germany
- Nils Arvid Rønhovde, Alversund, Norway
- Mary W Farmer, Miami, FL, United States
- Elisa Wright, Rego Park, NY, United States
- Katherine Gietzen, Muskegon, MI, United States
- Debra Smith, Yakima, WA, United States
- David Dickson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
- Massimo Garziosi, Macerata, MC, Italy
- Jessica Lemont, Whitefish Bay, WI, United States
- Marilynn Boosinger, Willits, CA, United States
- E Interactive Design Networks, Alpharetta, GA, United States
- Luis Pérez García, Salamanca, Spain
- Jane Reeves, Skipton, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
- Paulo Costa, Ribeirao Preto, Brasil
- Kay Bryan, Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australia
- john Jaggard, Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
- Robert Oldham, Salem, UT, United States

People who do not like to be mentioned with their full name on this page, please let us know, as we will only print the First name then.

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