Damaging earthquakes in the world in Colors + your countries ranking

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The images below are giving an easy overview of the number of damaging earthquakes so far this year. This overview does not zoom in to the kind of damage (collapsed houses vs "only" cracks in walls), but tries to show how frequently earthquakes can be damaging (even a few slightly damaged houses). In other words, if all households in the world would have an earthquake insurance policy, the graphics are showing how many times insurance companies would have to pay for damage.

The earthquake-report.com damage frequency statistics are simply the best in the world because no other instance is collecting so much information as we do.

Why are we doing this ? Since we started Earthquake-Report.com, a couple of years ago, we found out that only a very limited number of damaging earthquakes arrived in official lists. Discrepancies have their origin in differences like  : Northern hemisphere vs Southern hemisphere, rich countries vs developing countries, populated areas vs remote areas, developed and free press vs poor and oppressed press etc. All this to show that even being the best in the world to find damaging earthquakes, we are convinced that we only reveal the Top of the Iceberg.
If you want to scan the press of your country for damaging earthquakes, please drop us a line, we would really appreciate it.
The data below was updated until October 8, 2013 (year 2013). The images are a visualization of our in-depth catalog which can be found here
Update : We have added additional maps from North America and Europe

DamQua world




North America

North America

North America with some more details

North America with some more details



Europe 1


Europa 2

Europa  with more regional details

DamQua Africa


Central America

Central America

South America

South America


  1. Amani Elhoussainy says:

    God bless all.
    We had an earthquake two days ago with no damages as far as I heard.
    We live in Cairo - Egypt.

  2. The "kind of damage" element is similar to tornadoes and hurricanes in that different construction types are more or less resistant to damage, with a large range of difference.

  3. ticoboy says:

    Costa Rica is known for seismic activity, yet nothing?!

    • Armand Vervaeck says:

      Costa rica is colored but we agree hard to see, please check the detailed list to find out the details

  4. Ioakimidou Natasa says:

    I live in Greece the first country in Europe in terms of seismicity. I had a look at the in depth catalog about this year's "Greek" earthquakes and I would rather say that the information provided is complete and accurate.
    Well done!

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