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This page is an attempt to compile the volcano webcams of the world. Except for linking to their URL’s, has no affiliation with the owners.
As with so many other posts and pages in this site, this page can only be kept up to date with the input of you, our readers.
May we ask you to let us know via the comment form below if you are running into a good webcam which is not listed here.
We have started this page on November 15,2011 and it will be regularly revised by the interaction of our readers.

Some cams are temporarily out of service. If the error is noticed during a long period, please inform us.
Some webcams are real disasters but are still working from time to time. We have linked them because of  “even bad webcams are better than nothing”

Some webcams are of course black as it is night in that part of the world !

Antarctica : MOUNT

Chile : CORDON CAULLE- Sernageomin
Chile : LLAIMA- Sernageomin
Chile : VILLARICA- Sernageomin
Chile : CHAITEN- Sernageomin
Chile : PLANCHONPETEROA- Sernageomin
Chile : LASCAR - Sernageomin
Chile : SAN PEDRO - Sernageomin
Chile : OSORNO- Sernageomin
Chile : CALBUCO- Sernageomin
Chile : HUDSON - Sernageomin
Chile : COPAHUESernageominCaviahue
Chile : SAN JOSESernageomin
Chile : ANTUCOSernageomin
Chile : CALLAQUISernageomin
Chile : LONQUIMAY – TOLUACASernageomin
Chile : MOCHO CHOSHUENCOSernageomin
Chile : NEVADOS DE CHILLANSernageomin
Chile : MICHINMAHUIDASernageomin

Colombia : GALERAS - Ingeominas
Colombia : HUILA - Ingeominas
Colombia : PURACE- Ingeominas
Colombia : NEVADO DEL RUIZIngeominas
Colombia : CERRO MACHINIngeominas
Colombia : SOTARAIngeominas
Colombia : TOLIMAIngeominas
Colombia : AZUFRALIngeominas
Colombia : CUMBALIngeominas

Costa Rica : TURRIALBAovsicori
Costa Rica : ARENALUstream - Satellite -

Ecuador : PICHINCHASatellite -

El Salvador : SAN SALVADOR - LaPrensaGrafica (sometimes problematic)

France : Réunion : PITON DE LA FOURNAISEFournaiseInfoIPGP -

Greece : SANTORINI- TravelToSantoriniWebcam2

Guatemala : PACAYASatellite -

Iceland : BARDARBUNGAVedur
Iceland : KATLAMila
Iceland : HEKLAMila
Iceland : GEYSIRMila

Indonesia : Java : MERAPI- Badan GeologiSatellite -
Indonesia : Sulawesi : LOKON EMPUNGBaden Geologi
Indonesia : Sumatra : SINABUNGBaden Geologi

Italy : ETNAINGV  – Radio Stadio 7Etna TrekkingSatelliteLave
Italy : STROMBOLI- INGVSatellite -

Japan : All volcanoesJMA webcam monitoring system
Japan : MT ONTAKESANwebcam1webcam2webcam3
Japan : SAKURAJIMAKyoto UniversityOpentopia -
Japan : MOUNT FUJILive Fuji

Mexico : COLIMAUcolSatellite -
Mexico : POPOCATEPETL AltzomoniTianguismanalcoTlamacasTochimilcoSatellite

Montserrat : SOUFFRIERE HILLSMVOSatellite -

New Zealand : RUAPEHU- Geonet
New Zealand : WHITE ISLANDGeonet
New Zealand : MOUNT EGMONT- GeonetTaranaki

Philippines : MAYONSatellite -

Russia : Kamchatka : KLYUCHEVSKOY- kvert1kvert2kvert3Satellite -
Russia : Kamchatka : SHEVELUCH- kvert1kvert2kvert3
Russia : Kamchatka : BEZYMIANNY- kvert1
Russia : Kamchatka : KIZIMEN- kvert1
Russia : Kamchatka : GORELY- kvert1
Russia : Kamchatka : AVACHINSKY- kvert1
Russia : Kamchatka : KORYAKSKY & AVACHINSKY- kvert1
Russia : Kamchatka : PLOSKY TOLBACHIKKvert

Spain : Canary Islands : EL HIERROLas Puntas (El Golfo)
Spain : Canary Islands : Tenerife : EL TEIDEIAC
Spain : Canary Islands : LA PALMAIAC

Turkey : ARARATArminco -

USA : Alaska : SHISHALDINSatellite -
USA : Alaska : VENIAMINOFFAA (click on Perryville)
USA : California : MOUNT SHASTASnowcrest
USA : Hawaii : KILAUEA Overview webcam page (14 webcams)
USA : Hawaii : MAUNA KEASummit telescope webcamsNOAA
USA – Montana : YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK - National Park Service1
USA : Oregon : MOUNT HOOD - Mt Hood Info
USA : Oregon : CRATER LAKENational Park Service1
USA : Washington : MOUNT ST HELENSUSDA Forest Service1 - Satellite -
USA : Washington : MOUNT RAINIER - National Park Service
USA : Washington : MOUNT BAKER  - AlltravelcamsNWClaenair
USA : Washington : MOUNT ADAMS - Petries1
USA : Washington : CASCADE VOLCANOESSkiMountaineer

Vanuatu : YASURGeohazards

Some of this info is also posted into our Facebook Volcano PageGoogle+ VolcanoesTwitter : @VolcanoReport


  1. Loisb says:

    The url you have for Yellowstone National Park is not a park cam, it is a USGS mobile cam currently viewing Biscuit Basin.

    The url for YNP webcams is

    There is also a National Park Service Air Quality cam


  2. urdu translation is confusing and incorrect . i can help if u want. this is a very valuable information for the whole world

    • Armand Vervaeck says:

      Thanks Najia, The system is however not good enough at this moment to generate manual translations. Yes, google translations are often a big error, but it is mostly better than nothing

  3. como é espetacular ver esses vulcões em tempo real

  4. adoro olhar pelas janelas do mundo , principalmente as paisagens maravilhosas e os espetaculos da natureza como os vulcões. Parabéns a quem dá essa oportunidade abraços

  5. SEMEESE Roland says:

    Andere webcams(4 cams) PITON DE LA FOURNAISE frans eiland LA REUNION in de Indische Oceaan

    webcam eiland MARTINIQUE

  6. Zahrur Rachman says:

    if the web cam currently not available

    the volcanoe maybe erupting…

    look for news instead webcam


  7. hanni says:

    eine seite aus japan mit mehreren webcams der dortigen vulkane

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