Be earthquake prepared : Know what to do before, during and after

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Below we publish The New Zealand Government preparedness measures for earthquakes.
To be earthquake prepared, people should read these measures again and again. They can save your life.
These preparedness measures also apply for the entire world.
There is no difference in between an earthquake in New Zealand,  Japan, Chile, Spain, Serbia or Russia.

You can take some simple steps to reduce the danger to yourself,  your family, and property when earthquakes occur.

1. Before an earthquake

¢ Identify safe places very close to you at home, school or workplace, such as under a sturdy table, or next to an interior wall.
¢ Develop a Household Emergency Plan and have emergency survival items so that you can cope on your own for at least three days
¢ Protect property – secure objects and your homes and keep insurance up to date

2. During an earthquake

¢ Move no more than a few steps to a safe place, drop, cover, and hold on.

¢ Do not attempt to run outside

¢ If outside, move no more than a few steps to a safe place, drop, cover, and hold. Stay away as far as possible from building wall (falling objects are one of the major reasons people get killed or severely injured)
¢ If in a lift, stop at the nearest floor and get out
¢ If you are driving, pull over to the side of the road. Stay in the vehicle until the shaking stops

¢ Walk to an outside safe place when the shaking has stopped. Stay there

3. After an earthquake

¢ Expect aftershocks and help those around you if you can
¢ Report injuries or fires to the emergency services.
¢ Put out small fires. Evacuate the building if the fires cannot be controlled.
¢ Listen to the radio for advice and information.
¢ If your property is damaged, take notes or photos for the loss adjustor.
¢ Do not go sightseeing and stay out of damaged buildings


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