Videos from the March 11 Japan Tsunami and Earthquake

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We collected a number of videos showing the enormous power of the Magnitude 9.0 earthquake. Large portions of the Japanese coast have been destroyed by tsunami waves up to more than 20 meters.

[youtube LrS1ITc2yF4]

[youtube xH31PkoK9yY]

[youtube -DSSssHxm4Y]

[youtube 6Kc-KvQ-XUQ]

[youtube ZqhKzMNTdZ4]

[youtube LfqhKgqS4o0]


  1. unknown says:

    already hit fyi

  2. nyteen says:

    wow this is sooooo scary feel so bad 4 japan, hawaii, california, oregon, canada, and all othr places hu will get hit!!!

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